Friday, August 10, 2012

VISA is taking forever

Maybe not forever but it is taking a long time.  Considering that the package was submitted on July 25, 2012 and when I checked the processing time of the Vancouver centre for the UK Border Agency, it said 10 days or so... it should be here by now.  But then, in Vancouver they don't process these things so... how did they even get 10 day timeline?  Only thing you do in Vancouver is you take your finger prints and all the other stuff and then you mail the package to the NY location.  Argh... the agony.

So far what happened is that August 1, I received an email saying that my visa application was received at the NY centre.  They also sent me a link that shows the current processing time for different type of visa and for Tier 4, student it was 13 working days.

Today which is August 10, I got an automated email from Cambridge that Cambridge finally received an email from the UK Border Agency on August 9 that my CAS number is used up.  It may need more explanation but the short version of it is that it is a some sort of idemficiation number that is tied to your admission and visa application.

So now... the next email notification will tell me whether my application was successful or not.  And then once it is ready to be returned - since I am currently passport-less - it will send me another notification.  From that point, it will take 3 days for DHL to deliver the package back to me.

Alas, I hope everything works out - knock on wood - so I don't have to do this again.


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