Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UK Student Visa (Tier 4) and Flights

So this week, I am getting my biometrics taken, done, or whatever for my Tier 4 visa.  Yeah I will have to review the final list of documents that I will have to submit to support my online visa application again because I am quite anxious that I might miss something and won't be able to get the visa done on time.  Mine is a bit more complicated especially the part where I am trying to prove where my fund is coming from - my company will be covering for the most of it.  So I am sponsored by a company, which is owned by me.  So..... does that mean I am funding myself?  But then my company is its own entity... so my education is being funded by an organization, correct?

Anyways, I am appending lots of documentations on how I am being funded by a company, who has enough cash and blah blah blah.

The other thing that I just did, which made everything to come a bit more real... was I got my one way ticket to London.  Yup... one way ticket.  I have never bought an one way ticket to anywhere...
Well I guess when my family first moved to Canada, my dad bought one way tickets for all of us for myself... it is the first time.  Yeah I am really going to the UK.  Crazy...

I feel like the next act of my life is about to embark... It's so exciting (yet kinda scary at the same time)...


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