Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tier 4 Visa and We are Moving to the UK

Last Friday, finally got some numver that I will need to apply for my student visa.  It seems very complicated but... oh well, I just have to figure it out how it works.  It seems that once I make my application, I have to go to a designated location and get my fingerprints and other stuff done... leave my passport with them and within a couple of weeks, it is done. 

D has resigned from his position at work.  He has been wanting to go back home, London anyways.  His father is ill and his mom is having a hard time dealing with it.  So, being a good son, returning back to London, where he grew up has been back of his mind for a few years now.  And he thought now is the right time to make the move... So he finally resigned yesterday and decided to go back to London while I am at Cambridge.  Indeed, we are giving up a lot of materialistic things - a nice view from the condo, good jobs, a few friends... and my parents will still be in Vancouver.  Vancouver is no doubt my home and I will do whatever I can do to return back home but for the next few years, we will have to make London (slash Cambridge) our home. 

Yup, again it is exciting and also scary.


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