Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UK Student Visa (Tier 4) and Flights

So this week, I am getting my biometrics taken, done, or whatever for my Tier 4 visa.  Yeah I will have to review the final list of documents that I will have to submit to support my online visa application again because I am quite anxious that I might miss something and won't be able to get the visa done on time.  Mine is a bit more complicated especially the part where I am trying to prove where my fund is coming from - my company will be covering for the most of it.  So I am sponsored by a company, which is owned by me.  So..... does that mean I am funding myself?  But then my company is its own entity... so my education is being funded by an organization, correct?

Anyways, I am appending lots of documentations on how I am being funded by a company, who has enough cash and blah blah blah.

The other thing that I just did, which made everything to come a bit more real... was I got my one way ticket to London.  Yup... one way ticket.  I have never bought an one way ticket to anywhere...
Well I guess when my family first moved to Canada, my dad bought one way tickets for all of us for myself... it is the first time.  Yeah I am really going to the UK.  Crazy...

I feel like the next act of my life is about to embark... It's so exciting (yet kinda scary at the same time)...


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UK Law Schools - Research Phase

I want to have a good set of posts/records of my whole Cambridge journey in this blog, but I know I won't get it done if I make too many constraints.  So I am just going to write whatever whenever.

I use Evernote (I am telling you it is great for those who's never used it but I don't use it as often as I should) sometimes, and I record some valuable things sometimes.

Here is a quick timeline of my application process.

As I also have been planning to mention, I did not write LSAT (or LNAT, for which I felt penalized - i.e. I did not even get an interview with Oxford) so my timeline is quite compressed. 

Although I have been half jokingly tempering with the idea of pursuing a law degree, I was really hesitant on making a move.  I just didn't know what I should do especially that the project that I have been on has been compensating me quite well.  I have also established my own consulting firm and thought maybe that is the way to go forward.

But D had been talking about going to the UK back to his family and I thought about going to a law school a lot for quite some time. 

Sometime in August of 2011, D told me, who had been complaining nonstop about the work that K, you should just apply to law schools in the UK and see.  If you get in, then you can re-evaluate the situation and decide then.  So I opened a UCAS account on August 23, 2011.  I guess things got a bit better being summer and all so for awhile, I didn't think too much about it then.  But as September came and there were more bad days than good days, I started to look into it more and more and September 14, 2011, I decided to apply.

I did lots of online research and found out the following about the UK law schools.
  • First law degree is an undergrad degree and a graduate is awarded typically LLB or BA in some cases (both Cambridge and Oxford award BA).
  • It is three year degree - as with any other bachelors degrees in the UK.
  • Six of top law schools need LNAT (which is LSAT equivalent) - these schools include Oxford and University College London.
  • Cambridge has its own law test (called "Cambridge Law Test" duh).
  • Some schools allow affiliated students (sometimes interchangeably called, senior status students - students who already have a first degree from a university) let in second year - thus it is possible to finish a law degree in two years.
Anyways, at the time, it made sense for me to apply to the UK schools.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tier 4 Visa and We are Moving to the UK

Last Friday, finally got some numver that I will need to apply for my student visa.  It seems very complicated but... oh well, I just have to figure it out how it works.  It seems that once I make my application, I have to go to a designated location and get my fingerprints and other stuff done... leave my passport with them and within a couple of weeks, it is done. 

D has resigned from his position at work.  He has been wanting to go back home, London anyways.  His father is ill and his mom is having a hard time dealing with it.  So, being a good son, returning back to London, where he grew up has been back of his mind for a few years now.  And he thought now is the right time to make the move... So he finally resigned yesterday and decided to go back to London while I am at Cambridge.  Indeed, we are giving up a lot of materialistic things - a nice view from the condo, good jobs, a few friends... and my parents will still be in Vancouver.  Vancouver is no doubt my home and I will do whatever I can do to return back home but for the next few years, we will have to make London (slash Cambridge) our home. 

Yup, again it is exciting and also scary.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Counting Down

Well not really.
I am not counting down yet.  I am still fully busy with work.  I haven't been able to hand over much to existing team members yet. But they do know that I will be here (where I work) for roughly another two months.

I am getting slowly excited.  It's been 10 years since I was a full time student last time - when I did my first master's degree in engineering, specializing in concrete bridge structures in earthquakes (yup very specific and very boring.. but it was kind of exciting at the time).

I am a bit nervous about the whole transition.  I know I can only do it (I mean going to school, leaving everything behind... my condo, car and other belongings...) because I am not married with kids yet.  In my mind, I am still  young and I will still have to work for a really long time, so I still think I have a right to pursue further personal development.

Yes I am nervous and excited at the same time.  I do think I will have more time to do other things... like maybe travelling, painting, photography compared to now.  But there are so many things that need to happen before and thank god my partner, D will be here to wrap up some things.  Things are happening now and we will be concluding the first phase of our life together in Vancouver and move to the UK.  Aaaaaahhhkkk~~~

Kinda scary but very exciting. :)