Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Room Deposit Made

So finally, I got my partner, D to make a wire transfer to the college for my room deposit from his HSBC account.  And within a day I got a confirmation from bursar that they received the deposit and they will secure a room for me.

But now the question is, my partner, fiance, whom I still refer to as my boyfriend, may want to move to the UK with me.  Well he is a UK PR anyways so he would just be going back home but this could complicate things, or maybe not.  If he decides to come to Cambridge with me.  I will have to secure a couple's unit instead of a room.  I did email the contact person to inquire more information about this so we will see if it is indeed an option for D to stay in Cambridge and continues to consult?

Now it is becoming more real.  I am slowly thinking about my last day on my project.  I started to type up some notes to delegate my tasks to a few different people, keeping in mind that I may be able to carry on some of the tasks.  I am thinking about booking our flights to London.  Yup, things are happening. 


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